Monday, 13 October 2014

How to Choose a Suitable Rug

Rugs are a simple and easy way to add colour, vibrancy and excitement to otherwise dull and boring rooms and interiors. Whether you find plain rugs in vibrant colours more appealing or you are in favour of patterned rugs, you may add any of these to your interior settings, to significantly liven and brighten up your rooms.

A rug works as an anchor within a room, unifying various design elements. However, you may consider various factors concerning the size and interior of your rooms, before you decide to buy a particular rug. Below are few suggestions to help you guide through your rug selection.

Choosing Between Patterned and Plain Rugs

You may select patterned rugs or plain rugs on the basis of your room interiors. When making a choice between patterned and plain rugs, imagine your room interiors and then choose a rug which complements the room setting and enhances contrast or harmony of the interior design, whatever you may prefer. Choosing correct patterned or plain rugs gives the rooms a finished look and boosts their appeal and appearance.

Define Your Space

Rugs are not only a decorative entity, but these also have the utility for defining spaces, especially in your living rooms. Choose a rug that not only complements and enhances the interiors of your living rooms, but also appropriately defines your living room spaces, providing and overall finished look to your interiors. Rugs of appropriate sizes can be used to specify areas and spaces in your living rooms.

Choose the Right Colour

Prioritise your preferences and decide whether you want your rugs to harmonise or contrast with your room interiors. Once you have made a decision, consider your room’s colour scheme and then choose patterned or plain rugs of required colours accordingly. Choose any colour for rugs to add liveliness, vibrancy and variation to your rooms.

Size of the Rug

You need to specifically decide about where and how you need to place your rugs, before choosing rugs of appropriate sizes. Do you want large rugs on which you may want to place your room furniture, or are you interested in buying small rugs which can be used as decorative items? Open and large spaces are usually more suitable for the placement of large rugs, while small rugs are more suitable for closed spaces.

Rug Material

You may choose a suitable material for rugs, based on factors like the placement of the rug and its frequency of use. A rug that is to be used as a centre piece may be bought in any material of your choice, while rugs that are to be walked on more frequently should be bought in durable and harder-wearing materials, like polyester.

You may choose rugs that not only complement your room interiors and enhance its appearance, but also adds to your convenience in every possible way. Reliable rug dealers, like, deal in the manufacture and supply of premium quality rugs that can be purchased to add value to your home interiors.

Choose a rug in your choice of colour, size and design, from the wide variety offered at, and liven up your rooms.

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