Friday, 17 August 2018

Cleaning Tips for Wool Rugs

Wool is one of the most commonly used fibres in rugs and wool rugs are widely used and appreciated for their utility. Wool rugs are the preferred choice of many, due to their durable and robust material and structure. The soft, yet strong and elastic wool fibres make wool rugs an easy and convenient choice for floor furnishings. Wool rugs may require considerable sums of investment, as these usually make use of natural fibres which can be quite expensive.

A Wool rug
Hence, since wool rugs can prove to be heavy investments, it is advisable that you buy wool rugs from only reputable and trusted rug and carpet dealers. Rug Zone is a reputed supplier of a variety of rugs and carpet runners and can be trusted to provide you with a wide range of wool rug carpets of premium quality.

However, only buying a wool rug from a trusted dealer may not suffice for ensuring the longevity of your rugs, but you are also required to take extra care while cleaning, to help you extend the life of your carpet. Below are a few cleaning tips for you to follow. Use a Beater Brush Beater brushes are effective for removing dirt from your rug. Set your beater brushes to the highest settings for optimum performance of the device to effectively remove dust and dirt. Beater brushes are easy and convenient to remove undue dirt and dust and help you maintain clean and allergen-free surroundings.

Avoid Using Hot Water
Never use hot water to clean or wash a wool pile surface. Treat the rug similar to other fabrics. Same as it is with various other fabrics, wool too may suffer from considerable damage when cleaned with hot water. Hence, use cool water, not having a temperature of more than  30° C, to wash and clean.

Immediately Remove Stains after Spillage
Though, wool is a relatively stain resistant natural fibres, but once a stain hardens, it can get extremely difficult to remove that stain. Use a good quality rug stain remover immediately after the spillage, which you may dry up later after cleaning.

Rarely use Concentrated Solutions
Wool rugs use closely knitted fibres which once wet, can take a considerable amount of time drying up. Once soak up moisture, it may remain trapped within the rugs for weeks and you may have to face problems concerning the resultant odour. However, if it becomes essential to use shampoos with water, you must keep your rug in an open space and use fans for drying.

Vacuum Regularly Stain resistant properties of wool make it easier to manage and keep clean and you may be able to retain their initial appearance only through regular vacuuming.  Vacuuming is an efficient way of dirt and dust removal and can prevent the dust particles from setting in deep in your. Hence, your rug will stay clean for a longer period of time. It is advised that you vacuum at least once a week, but if those are subjected to frequent use and are regularly walked on, you may even consider vacuuming those daily.